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Baby Monitor Camera

4.2 ( 9552 ratings )
Verktyg Livsstil
Utvecklare: Sensonet
1.99 USD

All-in-one Baby Monitoring app, allowing you to watch and hear your baby. Either using standalone or with multiple devices, this app makes it possible to get alarmed in case something goes wrong.


- Live camera
- Live sound
- Noise level detection and notifications
- Multipeer connectivity support
- Standalone mode operation : Emergency contact is dialled in case noise level exceeds a predefined threshold (only iPhone supported)
- WiFi & Bluetooth support
- Flashlight control
- Clean & Modern iOS 10 design
- Easiness of use

This app gives you the flexibility to use your device either standalone or with other iPhones or iPads. In multi station mode you can place one of the devices in baby room and watch and hear your baby over WiFi / Bluetooth. If the noise level in the room exceeds the chosen level, the device automatically begins listening the baby room and lets you hear it. You can receive live images and voice samples anytime you want.

In standalone mode (only valid for iPhone), the app keeps track of the noise level in baby room and gives a call to the emergency contact if noise level exceeds the chosen value.

Download this app today to turn your device into a Baby Monitoring station.